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5 amazing Berlin burger joints, that STILL aren't delivering


I can't believe I have to leave my home for food in this day and age.. but if I'm braving the rainy Berlin summer, here's where I am headed:
1. Muse - Pberg.
That burger above my friends, in the header, is The Muse burger. It consists of: Beef, bacon, blue cheese, rosemary (170gr), salad leaves, tomato, onion sauces: onion marmalade, avocado guacamole. It's incredible. There really is nothing more to say, at €7.50 it's not the cheapest around, but I calculated that I can totally break it down into 10 bites. Paying ¢75 per juicy bite is totally worth it. And if you're wondering where that blue cheese and rosemary is.. it's inside nomnomnom
2. Bunsmobile - Usually to be found at Bite Club (Hoppetosse, Treptow/Kreuzberg) or at Neue Heimat (Friedrichshain).
These guys are awesome. I discovered them on a side project they were once doing (open airs in Hasenheide anyone?) and soon learned that this couple had pretty much sold everything and invested into this amazing burger producing vehicle (which is a former US military catering van and was a star in it's own right on a TV show I'll have you know). Their menu changes often, but I can guarantee you beef at it's finest, cheese, lots of it, and 9 times out of ten some bacon thrown on there for good measure)
3. The bird - Pberg/Kreuzberg
I'm not saying much about this place, if you live in Berlin, you should already have tried it and know why it's considered one of the best. It has slipped to 3rd place though..
4. Volta - Wedding
It can be difficult to get a table here and at €13 wins the award for the priciest on our list, but the 100% Angus beef you're getting is worth it. An added bonus here is that if you can manage it, you can go for the Cookie afterward. A decadent dessert consisting of Vanilla Ice Cream, Muesli corn flakes, cookies, fresh strawberries and maple syrup. To die for!
5. Nalu Diner - Pberg
Very, very simple. cheese, meat, patty, grease. A real American diner experience (or what I expect to be one as an Englishman). Awesome.
So that's it, if you have to brave the rain, and need a fix, try these out. And whilst you're there, tell them they should be offering online delivery. My contact details are on the homepage.
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